[ic] Problem with Content Editor on 5.2.0

Mathew Jones mat at thinkopensource.com
Fri Dec 3 12:19:14 EST 2004


I have a client using IC 5.2.0, and experiences occasional problems with the content editor.
When editing a page in the admin tools, the text will appear cutoff in the 'CONTENT' area with a 
series of characters which look like squares with a black outline. When I look at the source code 
for the page these characters appear to be �
When I pico into the page all the original text is there in the CONTENT area, however up at the top 
of the page in the [comment] section is the cut off portion of the text which looks something like this.

ui_body: <table width="560" align="center"><tr><td>Call tollfree 1-866-462@^@^@^@^@^@^@

the @^ is repeated over 1000 times

if my client now saves this page, it overwrites the content with the gobledygook that is in the ui_body

Has anyone ever experience this before? She has experienced this on both netscape 7 and IE6.



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