[ic] Linux label printers

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sat Dec 4 17:23:46 EST 2004

> Andy's post about label printers reminded me to write this, but I
> didn't want to hijack his thread.
> I'm planning on switching from Windows and its USPS and FedEx shipping
> software to Linux and IC for my shipping workstation.  I'm hoping to
> use some of the tags posted to the list to be able to print USPS and
> FedEx shipping labels, but I'm having trouble finding a thermal label
> printer that will work in Linux.  Does anyone have a recommendation?
> Also, if anyone is interested in a Zebra LP 2844 that works great in
> Windows but I can't get to work in Linux, let me know.  A few rolls of
> labels too.
> - Grant

   If you really want to get rid of it I'll take it for sure, but that is
exactly what
I use for printing FedEx labels.  I have it connected via the serial port
and do
an open of file and printer, write file to printer and close.  The file is
image returned from FedEx.  Here is the Perl code I have which I'm sure
can be improved upon

  open (PNG, $labelFile) or die "Could not open PNG file $!";
  open (ZEBRA, ">/dev/ttyS0") or die "Could not open serial port $!";
    my $line = '';
    $line = <PNG>;
    while ($line) {
    print ZEBRA $line;
      # This will send it to the Zebra printer print ZEBRA $line;
      $line = <PNG>;


Does anyone use this printer for printing USPS labels and if so what
of file do you write to the printer ?


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