[ic] quantity pricing with price_group

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Mon Dec 6 15:07:38 EST 2004


I have quantity pricing set up right and it works just fine. with carts 
and checkout. However the [price code=00004 quantity=5] tag shows the 
price for q1.

I have the following in my etc/after.cfg file:

Database          pricing pricing.txt 1

AutoModifier pricing:price_group

CommonAdjust <<EOF,

And this is in my pricing database:

sku     price_group      q5      q30
00002   coffee           6.00    5.00
00003   coffee           6.00    5.00
00004   coffee           6.00    5.00
00005   coffee           6.00    5.00

If I take out the "AutoModifier" line, then the price shows up OK in the 
[price] tag but then it does not work in the carts or checkout. It seems 
that I can only get the group pricing to work in the checkout and/or 
carts if I have the "AutoModifier" in the config file, but it only works 
in the "[price code=00004 quantity=5]" tag if the "AutoModifier" line is 
left out of the config file.

What am I doing wrong?


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