[ic] cart_tiny component drops items after SSL

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Tue Dec 7 22:54:49 EST 2004

> Situtation:
> Customer clicks to add an item to his ord/order.html which is SSL but then
> goes back to shopping on the non SSL pages.  The result is that the
> cart_tiny display does not display items unless you are in a secure page.
> My questions is how can you make [item-list] read from the SSL cart or is
> this not possible.
> Any help in the right direction would be great,
> -Sam

  Could this be the ole Shopping cart is dropped when using SSL issue ?
Check this link
Or have you been working on rewrites ? Or seems like there are a few things
that can cause this.  Check out the archives at icdevgrooup.org and search on
a few of the obvious words such as 'dropped shopping cart' or 'dropped cart


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