[ic] undefined catalog error

Tom tom at ecnow.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 06:02:00 EST 2004

> music at labyrinth.net.au wrote:
> >> I just installed Interchange 5.2 on my Debian box. I created a new 
> >> catalog with makecat and can access the main site. When clicking on 
> >> "customer entrance" or "admin interface" I get a "Undefined catalog: 
> >> /cgi-bin/ic/test" error message.
> >>

I have a similar problem with the 5.2 rpm file on Fedora core 2 for new catalogs made
with makecat. (The foundation catalog seems to be working fine)

However I don't have a /etc/interchange folder for config, nor does it appear that
features.cfg has been installed as part of the rpm anywhere.

How did you troubleshoot to find out that problem?



> Thanks for the reply. I found out what the problem was. In the 
> /etc/interchange/features.cfg file I had to set the line "Variable 
> USE_FOUNDATION" to "Variable USE_FOUNDATION 1". I guess this is a 
> Debian specific thing...?

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