[ic] whats the best way to create a catalog alias?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Dec 9 14:59:00 EST 2004

Tom [tom at ecnow.co.uk] wrote:
> I have modified the foundation catalog with my old templates and product
> database, and now want to have it serve my old interchange site which was
> at /cgi-bin/titl 
> so ive got
> Catalog  foundation  /var/lib/interchange/foundation  /cgi-bin/foundation
> /cgi-titl 
> in my /etc/interchange.cfg
> and a copt of the foundation cgi at /var/www/cgi-bin/titl
> and done a reconfigure. but im getting a ;
> - - [09/December/2004:19:21:40 +0000] - /cgi-bin/titl CGI
> mapping er 
> ror: Undefined catalog: /cgi-bin/titl at
> /usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Server.pm  line 207. 
> error in the logs when I access that url and a Undefined catalog:
> /cgi-bin/titl returned for that url. 
> What am I doing wrong?
You've defined "/cgi-bin/foundation" in the Catalog directive and
appear to be trying to use "/cgi-bin/titl" - according to the error
message.  I assume that "/cgi-titl" works ok, although it's an
odd name; Perhaps just "/titl" would be better.

I usually prefer to do this sort of mapping using Apache rewrite rules
and permanent redirects.  After a month or so, all of the search engines
should have taken note of the redirect and you can safely remove the
old access method.  You don't have to remove it, of course.

Apache rewrite rules also prevent your website from being indexed twice
(once for each URI naming scheme) by the search engine spiders.  This
will firstly reduce the load on your server and secondly reduce the
chances of you being thought of as a spammer and blacklisted by various
search engines.

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