[ic] Problem with recalculation on checkout page

Stanley Major stanmaj37 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 18:08:36 EST 2004

I last used Minivend some 3 years ago, and it's evolution has really come a 
long way.
I require being able to give a discount for C.O.D. payments and am using the 
following for the calculation:

[if type=value term=mv_order_profile op=eq compare="cod"]
	[discount ENTIRE_ORDER] $s * .98 [/discount]
[if type=value term=mv_order_profile op=eq compare="credit_card"]
	[discount ENTIRE_ORDER] $s  [/discount]

I am only using the 2 payment methods, credit card and C.O.D. and credit 
card is the default that shows in the drop down list. On the checkout page, 
at first It shows the correct price calculation in the shopping cart. When I 
toggle to C.O.D., it still shows the credit card price and when I toggle 
back to credit card, it shows the C.O.D. price. After this point, when I 
change payment method, the wrong amount consistently shows. Clicking the 
"recalculate" button in checkout.html does cause the correct amount to 
Would anyone have a suggestion as to why the recalculate is not done on the 
first time that the drop down list is changed, but only on subsequent 
payment_select contains this code:

<SELECT NAME="mv_order_profile" onChange="this.form.submit()">
<option [selected mv_order_profile credit_card] 
value="credit_card">[L]Credit Card[/L]

I am using Interchange 5.2, perl 5.8.5.

Stanley Major

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