[ic] profiles.order vs inline [set check_shipping]

Tom tom at ecnow.co.uk
Sun Dec 12 09:12:24 EST 2004


I am putting together some multi-step order pages and am using the form profiles to do it. I've noticed something odd, well that I don't understand anyway.

If I have a form like so;

    <form action="[process secure=1]" method="POST" name=checkout_shipping>
    <input type=hidden NAME=mv_session_id value="[data session id]">
    <input type=hidden NAME=mv_doit       value=return>
        <input type=hidden NAME=mv_nextpage      value="ord/billing">
        <input type=hidden NAME=mv_failpage      value="ord/shipping">
        <input type=hidden NAME=mv_form_profile value="check_shipping2">
[set check_shipping2]

and the form fails, ie email is not set or something, it fails back to @@MV_PAGE@@, however if I do this same form, but define the form profile in the profiles.order file like this;

__NAME__                              check_shipping2

when there are errors, the errors are detected (they can be displayed by whatever page is in the mv_nextpage variable), but interchange doesn't fail and go to the failpage specified in the check_shipping2 order profile.

I am I doing something silly here?


Tom H

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