[ic] Newbie Question

M Gruenhagen melissa at retrodiva.com
Wed Dec 15 11:48:49 EST 2004

Hi All,

Please pardon me if my questions are too beginner for most here. I am still
fubbing my way around Interchange and it's a very steep learning curve from

Is there a list somewhere of the tags that Interchange has as presets?

I want to add a required field for "policies" to my check out page. This
would be simple with Javascript because all I would need to do would be to
update the form and update the script.

The problem is that our copy of Interchange resides on a server that we do
not have direct access to and need to pay our host $60 a hour to do any work
on. As such asking them to go in and adjust the script for such a little
item is ridiculous.

I was able to bipass this before by using "gift_item" as the preset tag for
a comments box and I am hoping that something exists already for "policies"
as well.

Please let me know if this question does not make sense.

Thank you.


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