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Brian Kosick briank at giotechnology.com
Wed Dec 15 23:06:59 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 08:48 -0800, M Gruenhagen wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please pardon me if my questions are too beginner for most here. I am still
> fubbing my way around Interchange and it's a very steep learning curve from
> Javascript.
> Is there a list somewhere of the tags that Interchange has as presets?
> I want to add a required field for "policies" to my check out page. This
> would be simple with Javascript because all I would need to do would be to
> update the form and update the script.
> The problem is that our copy of Interchange resides on a server that we do
> not have direct access to and need to pay our host $60 a hour to do any work
> on. As such asking them to go in and adjust the script for such a little
> item is ridiculous.
> I was able to bipass this before by using "gift_item" as the preset tag for
> a comments box and I am hoping that something exists already for "policies"
> as well.
> Please let me know if this question does not make sense.
> Thank you.
> Melisa
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There is no other "extra" field in place that I can think of, that you could reuse, however, if you have SSH access to your catalog, 
you can easily add what you need.  To both the checkout page, and the necessary report/html_receipt/mail_receipt files.  If you would 
require that this info be stored in a DB also, you would need to add an extra field there also.

Brian Kosick <briank at giotechnology.com>

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