[ic] Updating the Order display on Admin UI

Steve interchange at bojanglesdesign.co.uk
Fri Dec 17 08:02:59 EST 2004

>>>>> Can someone let me know how I should go about updating the display of
>>>>> orders
>>>>> on the Admin UI?
>>>> I believe that your looking for the $IC_ROOT/lib/UI/pages/admin pages.
>>> I had found these pages, but I have 3 catalogs and didn't want the changes
>>> to be applied to all of them. Is it not possible to change the order display
>>> setting through the UI itself, so that they are only applied to one
>>> particular catalog?
>> Copy the page you want to modify from $IC_ROOT/lib/UI/pages/admin into
>> your catalog's $CATROOT/pages/admin directory and customize it there.
>> Interchange checks there first to see if a page exists, and if not, falls
>> back to the site-wide admin pages.
>> Jon
> Hah, that's almost an exact dup of my post  ;-)

Yes, thanks guys, that makes more sense now. I actually found that what I
needed to do first though was to edit the /etc/log_transaction so that my
desired product info was included in the orderline table.
After that I could edit the admin pages to make sure it was displayed
correctly in the UI.

Many thanks


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