[ic] May be a Bug in 5.2?

Lars Tode tode at bpanet.de
Fri Dec 17 08:59:33 EST 2004

Hallo list.

One or two weeks ago I posted a message, about problems with interchange and
the KOI8-R charset.

I'd a problem with case insensitiv search using locale ru_RU.KOI8-R.
Guess it had to be a combination with IC, Perl and the locale enviroment of
the interchange user.

Product table is the products.txt (charset CP1251). Yesterday we converted
it to KOI8-R, but thats change nothing.

To test interchange, the server and the configuration, I installed a
Interchange 4.8.6 on a second machine.
Here the specification of the 2 systems :

1. (Real online shop)
FreeBSD 4.7
Interchange 5.2.0
Perl 5.8.5 (without GDBM)

2. (Testserver)
Interchange 4.8.6
Perl 5.8.0

Finally I found the reason for the problem. We'd used the bash as shell for
the interchange user. After moved from bash to sh the problem was fixed.
I was happy until I moved Interchange from  version 4.8.6 to 5.2.0. With
Interchange 5.2.0 the error occured again.
After downgraded from 5.2.0 (downloaded today) to 4.8.9 the problem was
fixed again.

For all test the testserver was used.

May be thiis not a bug, just some internal things changed from 4.8.x to 5.x.

Any idea if there is a different locale handling between interchange 4.8.x
and 5.x?

Thanks in Advanced,


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