[ic] mv_action - refreshes to stylesheet?

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Dec 18 00:26:27 EST 2004

I am pulling in a stylesheet using 5.2 and the following:

[if type="explicit" compare="[is_secure]"]
<link rel="stylesheet" href="__SECURE_SERVER____CGI_URL/css/stylesheet.html" 
<link rel="stylesheet" 
href="http://SERVER_NAME__CGI_URL__/css/stylesheet.html" type="text/css">

which is working correctly as anticipated.

However I am now faced with a problem with the BUY NOW buttons on my results 

Instead of refreshing the results page Interchange refreshes exclusively to 
and loads stylesheet.html into the browser.

Relevant info:

<FORM ACTION="[area nothing]" METHOD=POST>
<input type=hidden name=mv_session_id value="[data session id]">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_action" VALUE="refresh">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_separate_items"  VALUE="0">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_click" VALUE="munge_quantity">

    <input type=hidden name="mv_oi[item-increment]" value="">    [if session 
browser =~ /mac/]
   <input type=submit value="[L]Buy now[/L]" 
onClick="this.form.mv_oi[item-increment].value='[item-code]'" border=0>
   <input type=image src="__THEME_IMG_DIR__buynow.gif" 
onClick="this.form.mv_oi[item-increment].value='[item-code]'" border=0>

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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