[ic] mv_action - refreshes to stylesheet?

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Dec 18 20:58:50 EST 2004

>> However I am now faced with a problem with the BUY NOW buttons on my
>> results pages.
>> Instead of refreshing the results page Interchange refreshes exclusively 
>> to and loads stylesheet.html into the browser.
> Found this in the archives. Simply had to modify history-scan on the page 
> and add directories of URLs to ignore.
> [bounce href="[history-scan exclude='nothing|^/ord|^/process|^/css']"]

Just found this suggestion posted by Kevin Walsh on 21 Dec 2001 which seems 
to work even more efficiently in results pages.

[bounce href="[history-scan find='^/scan|^/search' default=index]"] 

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