[ic] Newbie: Two InterChange Problems

cyonkers at daredevil.jpmc.net cyonkers at daredevil.jpmc.net
Mon Dec 20 15:53:18 EST 2004

Hello all,

I have two problems that could use some help with...

I need to add the ability to get the cvv2 info added to the order when
a customer checks out.  Has anyone done this?  Is there some existing
code or module that someone might have available.  -bear in mind that
I am no database wizard.

I am having problems with affiliate reporting.  When try to "orders"
report I get the folling error.

Begin Error Message
table transactions: SQL query failed: syntax error: unknown op '!=' at
/usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/SQL_Parser.pm line 444. query was:   select
affiliate, campaign, total_cost, order_date from transactions   WHERE
deleted != '1' AND affiliate = 'consolidated' order by affiliate,
campaign, order_date
End Error Message

My basic config is as follows:
Interchange version: 5.2.0
Server mode: UNIX
Environment variables passed: MOD_PERL

Anyone have any sugesstions?

Thanks in advance,
Clement Yonkers

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