[ic] mv_click bounce not working while mv_form_profile is set :-/

Philipp.Trost at digi-T.de philipp.trost at digi-t.de
Wed Dec 22 05:12:04 EST 2004

hi all,

i ve the following form:

    <form action="[process]" method="post" name="bounce_test">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_session_id" VALUE="[data session id]">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_form_profile" VALUE="test_bounce">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_todo" VALUE="return">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_nextpage" VALUE="@@MV_PAGE@@">

[error name=weight std_label="weight" required=1]
<input type="text" name="weight" class="blau_mittel" value="[value weight]" maxlength="64">

[error name=zip std_label="zip*" required=1]
<input type="text" class="blau_mittel" name="zip" value="[value zip]" maxlength=64>

      [bounce page=login]
  <INPUT TYPE="submit" class="menu" value="senden">

the cancel button should bounce to the login page without checking the profile and the submit should submit after checking profile (test_bounce)

but the check will done in both cases .. i tried a lot without success.. am i completely wrong? or can somebody me an advice? .. i wont use js or pass on the profile

thx in advance


info the complete code with all the check routines and the complete file is here : http://paste.phpfi.com/42753 

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