[ic] htmlarea install

David Radovanovic dave at whatsthebigidea.com
Fri Dec 24 19:42:01 EST 2004

I've noticed a lot of questions regarding the htmlarea widget installation
to use in the admin UI. This procedure seemed to work for me (a wannabe IC

1. Install htmlarea.widget within Widget directory (on my FreeBSD,
/usr/local/interchange/code/Widget/ )

2. $ fetch
into the www/ (DOCROOT/htmlarea), unzip and then rename: $ mv
HTMLArea-3.0-rc1 htmlarea

3. Add the line, "htmlarea=Rich text (HTMLArea)" to the mv_metadata table
within the following:

ui_component::mv_metadata::type (above "date=Date selector")
products::comment (Select Rich text (HTMLArea) in Widget type drop-down menu)
mv_metadata::type (above "date=Date selector")
options::o_widget (above "date=Date selector")
page_metaconfig::mv_metadata::extended.page_content (Select Rich text
(HTMLArea) in Widget type drop-down menu)

4. Lastly, restart IC as interch: /usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange

Have a happy holiday :)

David Radovanovic
WhatsTheBigIdea.com, Inc.
-- Creative ideas for the Web and beyond!
249 Partition Street
Saugerties, NY 12477

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