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Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Thu Dec 30 22:10:13 EST 2004

Gary Norton wrote:

> I wanted to see if someone would be willing to help me through some 
> logic for determining when an address is going to an APO.
> Here are some details about the site:
> - The server is running 5.2 code, but the catalog was originally built 
> on 4.8 and has been upgraded along the way to include some of the 5.2 
> features.
> - The site is only using the "Express Checkout" type of checkout - no 
> multi-page at the clients request.
> - The only method of shipping for the store is UPS, so defaulting to 
> another method is not an option.
> The UPS lookup is returning $0 because it can't find the zip code in 
> the database. There are promotions where $0 shipping would occur, so 
> checking the value of shipping would have to include parsing the cart 
> and verifying it against a promotion  table to see if the item is 
> valid for free shipping. I was hoping to find a simpler solution than 
> this if possible.
> I suppose in the profile.order I could parse for "apo" across certain 
> fields (such as the PO Box check for COD). However, since the actual 
> shipping check is made against the ZIP code, I was wondering if there 
> was a better way to check against APO type zip codes.
> Does anyone have recommendations for this type of situation?
> TIA,
> Gary
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I wrote a Perl module that includes the Interchange tag for UPS Online 
Tools XML interface.  I know it handles US, Canadian and International 
shipping like a charm.  I havn't tested it with APO addressess.  My 
guess is if you can go to the UPS web site and get reliable rates, the 
module should return the same rates.   I have several clients using it 
on production sites.

You can download it at 



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