[ic] Command Line Testing Customizations vs. Constantly Restarting Interchange

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Fri Dec 31 11:36:17 EST 2004

I'm developing some Interchange customizations for a client and I'm 
looking for an easier way to test a debug my code.  I prefer to write 
clean structured modular code using subroutines for each unique 
operation.  So I often follow the example of many of the System Tags 
where they are only defined in the tag, then they call a Interchange 
function.  For example, like this soap.coretag:

UserTag soap                Order        call uri proxy
UserTag soap                addAttr
UserTag soap                PosNumber    3
UserTag soap                MapRoutine   Vend::SOAP::tag_soap

UserTag soap_entity                     addAttr
UserTag soap_entity                     MapRoutine   

The problem I run into, is I need to perl modules I write that require 
MySQL database access through Interchange.  I can't find any way to 
write test routines or test those from the command line.  So I end up 
making a change, restarting Interchange and testing over and over 
again.  This turns into a long process.

I'd like to run a test script like in most Perl modules to test my code, 
but I can't find how to access the database routines in 
Vend::Data::DBI.  I looked at the code in the offline and update scripts 
but they don't handle SQL databases.

I'm sure I'm missing something.  Any experts out there with suggestions 
on a way to test this code from the command line instead of constantly 
restarting interchange?



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