[ic] Nuances of perl compile for IC ??

Jon Shoberg jon at shoberg.net
Mon Feb 2 10:08:04 EST 2004

Normally the default Rhat perl RPM works fine for the stuff I need. 
However, for IC5 on RH9 I compiled a -very- vanilla perl binary.  Once the 
store was etup I has a little problem with the admin UI and the rrror 

Runtime error: ichelp import failed: sdbm store returned -1, errno 22, key 
"kaccess.main" at

Quic trip to the mailing list points me towards adding GDBM support which 
is no biggie.  However, I'm just wondering what other nuances people have 
run into with this distro/perl (5.8.3) combination.



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