[ic] price tag quantity not working after upgrade

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Thu Feb 5 16:48:14 EST 2004


I updated my IC server to version 5 from 4.8.7 and now the price tag 
does not work correctly.

Here is the code in my page:

[price code=[item-code] quantity=5]

It used to return the q5 price reguardless of what was in the cart, now 
it just lists the regular price. or the price for whatever is in the 
cart. i.e. if the cust "orders" 5 or more, then it shows the q5 price. 
If the cust orders 25 or more, than is shows the q25 price. The tag 
seems to ignore the quantity arg.

There is nothing in the error log, and quantity pricing IS working fine 
with the cart and checkout, its just that I can't show the different 
price levels with the tag any more...

Any ideas?


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