[ic] people complaining about interchange...

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Thu Feb 5 20:17:44 EST 2004

> From: Tom Hodder
> Hi,
> I've been using interchange for a while now, but when I suggested
> interchange
> as an ecommerce platform to a company I am working for, one of their
> techies
> replied, "I have used interchange, but it doesn't run for very long
> the
> daemon drops dead".
> Now that sounds like a comment one would hear about Microsoft, but not
> about a
> *nix application.
> I looked this up on google, and it seems that other people are
> experiencing
> the same problem.
> Are any of the developers, of profound believers in interchange, aware
> this
> criticism, and know of the cause of the problem???

Hi Tom,

We've been running Interchange for about 4 years now.  Accept for some
faulty hardware in one of our boxes, our interchange services remain up
without intervention.  FrozenCPU.com runs on IC 4.8.7 and the only time
the daemon is restarted is when we need to make global configuration
changes or if we are modifying the core code.  We've very rarely had the
actual daemon crash or hang.

Now one of our other clients, who's site is hosted elsewhere, they have
problems frequently with the daemon dying.  I can only trace this back
to a problem with their environment and not because the program running
is interchange.

Interchange relies %100 on its underlying Perl install, modules, OS,
internet connection and hardware.  If Interchange is placed on a stable
server it should run just as any other daemon based server does.

If you have a competent host/consultant setup your install and you are
on a quality server you should have no problem with IC staying up.  If
it crashes infrequently a watch script to restart the service should fix
your "processes crashes once in a blue moon" problem.

Good luck,

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