[ic] Changes disappearing on the pages

Sergei Voyakin svoyakin at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 10:26:04 EST 2004

Not sure if anyone else have run into this, but I have seen it on couple 
occasions and its really frustrating.  Once I make a change and publish a 
file (in this case I am talking about query/check_orders.html and a change 
to display the order_date correctly:
$hash{order_date} = $Tag->convert_date({format => '%m/%d/%Y'}, 
$hash{order_date}); )

Well, once I save it and then check the page, it works.  Then, if I go back 
to make another change, all of a sudden parts of the above line disapear, 
and it shows up something like this:
$hash{order_date} = $Tag->convert_date(, $hash{order_date});
which completely breaks the page.  So now, every time i make a change to 
that page, I have to remember and put the old tag in its place.  What's the 


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