[ic] people complaining about interchange...

Dan Browning db at kavod.com
Fri Feb 6 15:00:48 EST 2004

* frank <frank at goldissue.com> [2004-02-06 04:53]:
> Stefan Hornburg wrote:
> >You know that ICDEVGROUP is interested in patches and suggestions to
> >adjust Interchange to the needs of e-commerce in the country of your
> >country.
> >
> >Bye
> >	Racke
> >
> > 
> >
> Stefan,
> I have created a ups_query.tag which does a http lookup at Australia 
> Post together with country.txt, shipping.asc, and extra variables like 
> insurance
> to select on the page ord/checkout. ie these all work together. It is an 
> old checkout page. It is full of [if] statements and looks awful.


I would be happy to add your shipping method to the Business::Shipping 
CPAN module (it comes with an Interchange usertag).

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