[ic] people complaining about interchange...

frank frank at goldissue.com
Fri Feb 6 21:29:25 EST 2004

Dan Browning wrote:

>* frank <frank at goldissue.com> [2004-02-06 04:53]:
>>Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>>>You know that ICDEVGROUP is interested in patches and suggestions to
>>>adjust Interchange to the needs of e-commerce in the country of your
>>>	Racke
>>I have created a ups_query.tag which does a http lookup at Australia 
>>Post together with country.txt, shipping.asc, and extra variables like 
>>to select on the page ord/checkout. ie these all work together. It is an 
>>old checkout page. It is full of [if] statements and looks awful.
>I would be happy to add your shipping method to the Business::Shipping 
>CPAN module (it comes with an Interchange usertag).
Thankyou Dan,

I have promised Stefan that I would contact him regarding all the items 
in my list personally. I was planning to make shipping method the first, 
so I shall send my code (it is not much) to both of you. However after 
no work in January I have a couple of big contracts building two sites 
and a dedicated Interchange server.

If you don't hear from me soon - I have not forgotten.

While we are on the subject, I have included an insurance calculation 
into my ups_query.tag - activated by a flag (insurance="Yes") on the 
ord/checkout page. I am much more competent at writing [calc][/calc] 
type snippets since then - so I would do it differently now.

Because insurance over here is basically of the form:

$2.35 plus $1.05 for every dollar over $100 domestic and
$7 plus $2.00 for every dollar over $100 worldwide

it struck me that we have two equations:
A + ax
B + bx
which might be universal (ie your system might be the same)
We could then define A, a, B, b in variable.txt.

Why? Well it seems that insurance in this game is rather important. 
Moreover, in discussion with my first client (with whom most of the 
development took place) we said that there is no need to pay someone for 
insurance. We can collect the insurance mony ourselves, and pay it out 

With shipping and insurance it seems more important to apply fair 
charges rather than 'correct' charges,


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