[ic] people complaining about interchange...

Kerry Blalock kerryb at basicq.com
Sat Feb 7 13:43:24 EST 2004

>> Are any of the developers, of profound believers in interchange, aware
>> of
> this
>> criticism, and know of the cause of the problem???
> Since October of 2002 I have run IC 4.8 on the server that services
> www.subcultural.com and www.sophee.com .  In that time, the daemon has
> served roughly 40,000 pages a day for a total of 14 million page views.
> We have experienced peak traffic with as many as ten page requests per
> second. As far as I can remember, the daemon has never quit running and
> has only stopped responding to requests one time (and that one time
> could easily be attributed to CPU fan failure).  I know that the daemon
> has run for at least six months at a time without being shut down or
> restarted.
> There are absolutely no questions in my mind about Interchange's speed
> or stability on the Linux platform.  Our hardware is top notch, an Intel
> server-class motherboard with 2 gigs of ram, and Interchange's operation
> on this is flawless.
> Jeff
I noticed you have free frieght automated on ove $40
shipments.(www.sophee.com) I have been looking for information on how to
do just that, only $25. My site, www.shopnroll.com, is hosted on a remote
server where I do not have total access. Is this do-a-ble without access
to all the files? If not, what files are changed, and how? Thanks very


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