[ic] OT: Site promotion - Link Swapping

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sun Feb 8 14:12:21 EST 2004

> >   One could argue this subject would be more appropriate for
> > another group or not. In any case you're facing the exact same
> > problem I'm facing currently. Combining the recent changes at google with
> >
> > the ever looming question of whether google will or will not spider
> > dynamically generated pages and that many IC sites have something
> > such as cgi or '=' in the URL you can't help but wonder especially
> > when you're either ranked low or simply not in the index at all.
> > Also I've read that due to the wild changes at google sites with
> > high PR that do have links programs are ever more reluctant to
> > link to other sites.  Combine all this and new sites that aren't part
> > of a portfolio of highly ranked sites and you're pretty much stuck in
> > mud.
> 2 options immediately spring to mind, the first is a ic component that pull
> links to other interchange sites into your own site. sort of like a google
> adwords. it could be a timed build, say daily that downloads the links table
> from the icdev http server, or somesuch way of maintaining a links database
> where there is no admin time involved.
> the second relates to the problems with google indexing paths containing '='.
> If it has been established that google will not index these paths, then would
> it not be worth while looking to see how other commerce products address this
> problem.
> I remember that oscommerce for one used paths like
> http://whatever.com/whatever.php/varname1/varvalue1/varname2/varvalue2
> which would correspond to ics;
> http://whatever.com/cgi-bin/whatever/varname1=varvalue1/varname2=varvalue2
> and this method would overcome the '=' issue.

  Good suggestion Tom.  That thought has run across my mind when I spotted
that exact situation at another site. I'm not saying google does or does not
spider sites equally as other sites that do not use '=' in the URL.
What I do know is true is that google does not spider sites they consider as
dynamic equally as those sites they do not consider dynamic; all else
about the sites being equal. Whether google considers an '=' to indicate
dynamic or not is really hard to say especially with all the google changes.
But in any case I would assume changing from '=' to '/' as you've suggested
would require a change at the IC level and would perhaps need to be configurable.

IC is extremely dynamic and capable, but this would be a bit much I would think.


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