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> Hi folks,
> I guess this is slightly OT, I am trying to get my SE rankings higher
> and one of the high weighting factors is inbound links, if anyone is
> interested in placing a link to me on their site I will gladly do the
> same in return. Please email me direct if you are interested.
> Thanks,
> Andy.
> www.tvcables.co.uk

Hello Andy.

   One could argue this subject would be more appropriate for
another group or not. In any case you're facing the exact same
problem I'm facing currently. Combining the recent changes at google

the ever looming question of whether google will or will not spider
dynamically generated pages and that many IC sites have something
such as cgi or '=' in the URL you can't help but wonder especially
when you're either ranked low or simply not in the index at all.
Also I've read that due to the wild changes at google sites with
high PR that do have links programs are ever more reluctant to
link to other sites.  Combine all this and new sites that aren't part
of a portfolio of highly ranked sites and you're pretty much stuck in

Though this isn't IC per se perhaps there is a community approach

could suggest that might help get us out of the perpetual mud pit.
For starters have you submitted to the IC Hall of Fame ? I just did but
not sure if it will be accepted or not. In any case I would not mind
exchanging links from my www.hairexpo.biz to your site but I'm not sure
what either you or I could do for each other at this point. Let me
know if you want to exchange.


One thing that is interesting is that the only 3 links that google seems
to have indexed for you contain cgi and =, it hasn't indexed your root

For me it's mainly the opposite, I have the root page indexed but
nothing much else.

I will email you about linking, as far as I can see the more inbound
links that sites have the quicker and deeper they get crawled.


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