[ic] Problem getting off the list

Greg McCrory greg01 at coolbrew.com
Mon Feb 9 08:56:33 EST 2004

At 2/8/2004 09:15 PM, Jack Gates wrote:
>I have gone to icdevgroup.org and have followed the links and
>instructions to be removed from the list.  I have also sent the owner
>of the list nearly two dozens requests.  I am still on the list.  Maybe
>if I send this e-mail to the list every time I get e-mail from the list
>then maybe some one who can get my address off the list will do so since
>all the correct channels are not working.

Perhaps you subscribed to the list using a different email address than the 
one with which you are attempting to unsubscribe?

Just a thought, since your From: line contains at least two different 

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