[ic] Problems with uploaded images in inet mode(beginner)

Martin Conrad martin at praktikant-online.org
Mon Feb 9 16:39:27 EST 2004


Am Montag, 9. Feb New Media E.M.S. wrote:

[ ... ]

> > Images uploaded by the administration interface are saved at the 
> > interchange server and not on the maschine where the apache is 
> > running.
> > I don't find, where i can change it.
> > 
> > CU
> > 
> > Martin
> That's a good one :-)
> The foudation demo uses a simple symlink just under your catalog
> root, called 'images', which points to the actual image directory
> under your http documents root, to allow the catalog to save
> images from uploads.

No, thats not a symlink. The pics are saved in the image/item 
directory created by user.

> In your case, you'll need this link to point to the images
> directory on the machine that runs the http server. I imagine this
> could be done with one of the several network file system
> protocols that are available for
> *nix; the best choice for you would depend upon your particular
> situation, I guess. I am not an expert in this particular area,
> but I know NFS is used quite a bit...

Uh, not with NFS. Its a god idea for local network, but IMHO not for 
inet. My prob is, that we want to use a ic server with a few 
people. The domains are hosted by "normal" webhosters. I think i 
will write a cron for rsync or write a new upload script.
I hoped, that i havn't seen something so i ask...

Thanks for your answer


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