[ic] people complaining about interchange...

Jeff Dafoe jeff at badtz-maru.com
Tue Feb 10 18:48:38 EST 2004

> I noticed you have free frieght automated on ove $40
> shipments.(www.sophee.com) I have been looking for information on how to
> do just that, only $25. My site, www.shopnroll.com, is hosted on a remote
> server where I do not have total access. Is this do-a-ble without access
> to all the files? If not, what files are changed, and how? Thanks very
> much.

This goes in pages/ord/checkout.html

[tmp crap][subtotal noformat=1][/tmp]
[if scratch crap > 39]
[and value mv_shipmode eq STND]
        [assign shipping=0]
        [tmp shipamount]FREE UPS Ground Shipping![/tmp]
        [tmp shipamount][shipping mode="STND"][/tmp]

The shipamount variable can be used for display purposes.


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