[ic] non-Verisign/Thawte Certs

Michael G. michael at zipp.net
Wed Feb 11 11:59:57 EST 2004

> The last time I renewed with Thawte, I swore I wouldn't again and I've
> now got 15 days before my current cert expires.  I would appreciate
> suggestions for alternatives that will work without a lot of the goofy
> side-effects of the CA not being known, and yet have good customer
> service and won't cost a first-born - we are not an ISP but an end-user
> self-hosting site...
> Regards,
> Barry
Hi Barry.  I've successfully used the GeoTrust Quick-SSL certificates on
half dozen sites.  The cert is available from a reseller for only $49/year
at:  http://www.ev1servers.net/english/quickssldetails.asp.  They also have
a chained SSL for $19.  From  ordering to installing on the server only
takes about 30-minutes.  I had to learn to make sure that the domain name
used for the cert included the "www" prefix IF that's the way the domain is
called at the secure server.  That way, there are not pop-up alerts warning
"CA not known", etc.

To see it in action, visit one of my sites at: http://www.zipp.net and click
on "HOSTING", then "Order Now".

Best wishes,
Michael G.

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