[ic] cart display question

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Wed Feb 11 16:14:21 EST 2004

I have created a user tag that does a custom discount calculation and 
included it in my "Shopping cart display (full)" component (modified 
from the Foundation store).  I finally have it working correctly and 
displaying correctly in ord/basket.html.  But, I am also trying to use 
it on another page like this:
[if scratch did_order]
[include file="templates/components/cart"]

But, on this page the discount is not calculating, and I'm getting the 
following errors: 

x If9WdDnz:x - [11/February/2004:15:18:51 -0500] bc_cat /cgi-bin/bc_cat/scan/sp=cat_results/se=categories/va=category=1.html Bad discount code for 
>   $Tag->set_price("BV-02040A", $q, $s);
> : 
x If9WdDnz:x - [11/February/2004:15:18:51 -0500] bc_cat /cgi-bin/bc_cat/scan/sp=cat_results/se=categories/va=category=1.html Discount for BV-02040B has bad formula. Not applied.
> Can't locate object method "open_table" via package "Vend::Table::DBI" (perhaps you forgot to load "Vend::Table::DBI"?) at /usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Data.pm line 1035.

The thing that is confusing me is that everything works fine on the 
basket.html page.  I'm still a newbie, so if you could point me in the 
right direction I would appreciate it! 

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