[ic] Re: Please Help. Shipping To Postal Codes Problems

Thomas Truong ttruong at e-ssential.ca
Sat Feb 14 10:38:34 EST 2004

Purpose: I am trying to set my default location to be in Ontario,

Problem: Because the Interchange Cart was design for the US, when you
enter in a Postal Code and choose Canada in the country field, the
shipping will appears blank.  

Here's what I have entered in the 

Problem 1.


  SHIP_FLAT_DOM_RATE 	5 		Shipping 
  SHIP_FLAT_INTL_RATE 	10 		Shipping 
  UPS_COUNTRY_FIELD 	country 	Shipping 
  UPS_ORIGIN 		L4L2H4 	Shipping 
  UPS_POSTCODE_FIELD 	zip 		Shipping 

CANPOST-RP is a copy of UPS-GR
For the UPS_Postcode_Field, how do I change it from zip to ...

Problem 2.

I've created a "canstnd.csv" file which one of the posting said with all
my shipping rates and postal zones.
How do I tell the program to load these values instead of the "450.csv".

I did not compile this version of the shopping cart.  The Interchange
Shopping cart was installed on this account by the host.

Thomas Truong

ttruong at e-ssential.ca
E-ssential Integrated Media Solutions

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