[ic] quantity pricing

k palazani at gmx.net
Mon Feb 16 08:50:19 EST 2004

Is there an easy way to indicate an active quantity price, like [if discount

Now I compare the real-price and the database price for each item in the
cart. If the prices are different, its a quantity price and I can show the
user a icon or a text which indicates the quantity price.

But I have one problem if the item is a variant, so I have to compare the
real-price and the price which comes form the variants table. The tests are
done in an [item-calc]-sequence, but in it I have no access to the variants

Here are my tests to fetch the variants price in the [item-calc]-sequence,
which lives in the [item-list] of the cart:
    # test one
       Log("[item-data variants price]");
    # no result

    # test two
        Log("[data table=variants key=[item-code] field=price]");
    # the error.log shows ...skipping...

    # test three
    $set = $Db{variants}->query("select price from variants where
    for (@$set) {
     # the error.log shows ...skipping...

If I do the same in a [perl tables="products variants"]-sequence the result
is like the above ones.

For the moment I fetch the variants price outer the [item-calc]-block, but
its parsed after the [item-calc] block, so if an item is ordered its
indicated as a quantity price even if is not so. After refreshing the cart
or ordering a second one its done right. But this is not nice.

Thanks for any hints!

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