[ic] - Quickbooks integration - setup used in quickbooks

Sanjeev Topiwala s_tops at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:04:10 EST 2004


I'm using Interchange version 5.0.0. I downloaded the quickbooks extension 
and got it configured as per the documentation. I had a few questions 
regarding the implementation as well as wanted to get reccomendations from 
the people already using it

1. It seems the item download allows downloading only "Non-Inventory Item" 
types. Is there a reason that the export of items from interchange is only 
for Non-Inventory type ? Is this a "feature"?

2. Do people use the inventory feature of quickbooks or just use it for 
invoicing ?

3. Any tips on configuring quickbooks to use with interchange.

- Sanjeev

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