[ic] usertags and logged in user session problem

C.B. Currier cbcurrier at spinrx.com
Thu Feb 19 09:26:31 EST 2004

IC 5.0.0
Custom Usertag calculates custom Shipping
Implemented through custom Checkout page.
Worked fine for everyone prior to 5.0.0 (prev Version 4.9.8 and others)

User logs in, creates cart- adding items & checks out. calculations take
palce & all looks fine until final payment submission. Where by the
receipt page and the orders tables indicate that shipping was not added
or set. Compared to same pages but user is not logged in - all operates
fine. Shipping is set & receipt page as well as orders data all indicate
shipping was included. There is are no changes in the process from the
usertag or custom pages end.

I have tried changing and even copying the profiles files to see if that
would make a difference to no avail.

This problem has definitely got to do with as session instance of some
sort. Just not sure where to even look.

C.B. Currier

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