[ic] usertags and logged in users

tech at mnwebdesign.com tech at mnwebdesign.com
Thu Feb 19 11:40:25 EST 2004

C.B. Currier said, several times:

> IC 5.0.0
> RH 9.0
> Custom Usertag calculates custom Shipping
> Implemented through custom Checkout page.
> Worked fine for everyone prior to 5.0.0 (prev Version 4.9.8 and others)
> Problem:
> User logs in, creates cart- adding items & checks out. calculations take
> palce & all looks fine until final payment submission. Where by the
> receipt page and the orders tables indicate that shipping was not added
> or set. Compared to same pages but user is not logged in - all operates
> fine. Shipping is set & receipt page as well as orders data all indicate
> shipping was included. There is are no changes in the process from the
> usertag or custom pages end.

Please stop sending these requests for help. The list has seen your email
several times now, and I for one am tired of deleting them. Obviously nobody
has seen this problem or understands your problem. My advice is to hire a
competent consultant from this list to help you, or rephrase your problem
with some 'valuable' information.


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