[ic] Changing from FreeBSD to Suse Linux EntEdn

Mike Curtis mike.curtis at gandacomputers.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 19:05:31 EST 2004

Hi all

I have been using FreeBSD for some time now with the latest version being 5.00 and with interchange also version 5.00.

I now intend to create an Interchange site on SUSE Linux version 8.00 Enterprise Server

I have discovered that the Suse Linux will install a threaded Perl version 5.80, I do know that Interchange 5.00 will not support threading and that I will have to reinstall Perl without this feature, the syntax I will discover by looking through past posts

My real issue is that although I do not have a ‘live’ website, I do have a lot of time and effort invested with FreeBSD in terms of a development site

What is the best way to migrate an Interchange site from one system to another?


Mike Curtis

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