[ic] rpc parameters rules-of-thumb?

Tracy Nelson tracy at mainstreetmusic.com
Thu Feb 19 22:37:36 EST 2004

I started with low traffic mode, moved to high traffic mode when the
time seemed right, and then had to move to rpc mode to handle the level
of traffic I have been surprised to receive.  Now that I'm in rpc mode
I'm wondering if there is any rule-of-thumb in setting the associated
parameters.  For example, with more memory should I start more servers? 
Or does processor speed help define the settings?  Is there some sort of
balance between the settings that I should be trying to achieve?

Note: From other postings I understand MaxServers must remain at 0.

PreFork             Yes
StartServers        5
MaxServers          0
MaxRequestsPerChild 100
HouseKeeping        2
PIDcheck            120

IC 5.0
2.8ghz P4
2gb mem

Thanks in advance.


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