[ic] Dealer Pricing (updated)

Mark Lehman mlehman at epix.net
Fri Feb 20 10:58:05 EST 2004

	I just noticed the demo site's (http://demo.icdevgroup.org/) dealer
pricing doesn't work either.  I setup a new user with dealer selected,
logged into the store as my new user, clicked on an item with 2
prices(regular/wholesale) and it displayed the regular price, not the
wholesale price.  What am I missing?  Is this a known bug?  Any
information on this matter would be appreciated.


My previous message below:

        I'm am having difficulty setting up dealer pricing.  I have my
setup with both, product prices and dealer prices.  I have my test
account setup with the dealer option checked.  When I login to the
store, the prices displayed don't change to the dealer prices.  Any help
on this matter is greatly appreciated.

        I'm using the foundation demo template - IC 5.0.0, Redhat
7.3/MySQL 4.

Thanks for your time.

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