[ic] performance help

James Kinney jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Sun Feb 22 10:05:47 EST 2004

I have IC 5 (great job!!) that I added my large parts database to (142,000
items). Now IC is _s_l_o_w_ on page loads. I could understand it if it was
returning a search on all parts with the number 1 in the sku. This is on
the main index.html page!

I am using the category vertical tree menu system created in the admin UI
instead of the old one I had in 4.x. I like the ability to edit all of the
menus in one location.

I set the timed rebuild to various values and can not see any speed up.The
server is a dual P4 Xeon 2GHz w/2G RAM. I think it has enough horsepower
to run this! The page loads take nearly 10 seconds from both a console on
the machine and a remote client on the internet.

Any ideas on ways to speed this up? Is there a static index file that
needs to be created somewhere?


James P. Kinney III
CEO & Director of Engineering
Local Net Solutions,LLC


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