[ic] more google woes...

Ewan Fisher ewie at ewanfisher.co.uk
Sun Feb 22 10:15:05 EST 2004


> Now google have done something odd, and all the old listings have 
> returned,
> showing a load of broken links (from the old site), and all my new ic 
> deeply
> indexed links have gone. I noticed this, because there was a big drop in
> google referrals, and an increase in 404 errors on 20/2/2004. 

To me it sounds like you had what we call "freshlistings" which is where 
Google shows results from a recent crawl of your site. This is fine 
until an update happens."Update Brandy" the latest Google update just 
happend. Freshlistings are then dropped and the results from your last 
non fresh crawl (could be over a month ago) appeard.

I would expect that your site will be freshcrawled again soon which 
means your new listings will appear in Google soon. At the next major 
update this should all be fixed as long as you don't make any more 
changes to location of your pages.

Hope that helps,

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