[ic] Item Options

tom tom at acronpaints.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 05:56:59 EST 2004

Interchange:  5.0.0
Postgresql: 2.4.0
Perl: 5.8.3
DBI.pm: 1.40
DBD::Pg: 1.31

After running makecat and selecting to include no demo data, whenever I try
setting an Option on any item that I put in the catalogue. (any of the
options) I get the following error.

table options: set_slice error as called by Vend::Interpolate: DBD::Pg::st
execute failed: ERROR: syntax error at or near "WHERE" at character 66 at
/srv/www/htdocs/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 1245. query
was:update options SET WHERE code = 'AER01' values were:''

(AER01 is the sku of the product item).

Also, the list of different Option types is different to catalogues that
have had the demo data in them.

>From blank or reports data you get:

Simple Options
Matrix Options, one widget
Matrix Options, separate widgets
Modular Options

>From tools data you get:

Matrix Options
Old Interchange 4.8 Options (which always gives an Internal Server Error)
Simple Options

Is there a way of having a writeable field as an option to a product item ?
Some of the items I wish to add come in many thousand colours and I'd rather
the user could just choose the colour rather than scroll through a long

TIA for any help that you can give me.

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