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Joachim Leidinger jojo at leidinger.net
Mon Feb 23 17:24:35 EST 2004

JW wrote:
> Hey David,
> Joachim gave you a complete list of the modules in a separate message.  The
> point you are missing from my message is, where do these modules reside?  If
> you have installed some of them from (freebsd's /usr/ports), they most
> likely reside under "perl 5.0005" rather than whatever version your system
> is running.  If you are running "perl 5.6", then the modules won't be found
> by IC.

This is true for the older FreeBSD versions.
FreeBSD Version 4.x    -> Perl 5.00503
FreeBSD Version 5.2(?) -> Perl 5.6.1
FreeBSD Version 5.8.2  -> Perl 5.8.2

Otherwise user.perl is your friend.

# use.perl --help
   /usr/local/bin/use.perl port       -> /usr/bin/perl is the perl5 port
   /usr/local/bin/use.perl system     -> /usr/bin/perl is the system perl


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