[ic] Using interchange with cPanel

Daniel Degotardi daniel at hinterlands.com.au
Mon Feb 23 17:49:09 EST 2004

Carl Reynolds wrote...
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>Subject: [ic] Using interchange with cPanel
>I know this has been addressed in detail on the Interchange web site. I
>still have a question about using Interchange with cPanel.
>I want to install Interchange on a web site that uses cPanel. However, I
>plan to use ssh to do the install. I will not be using cPanel even
>though it is installed on the site. From what I have read on the
>Interchange site, this should be OK. But I wasn't sure if there would be
>some system interaction between Interchange and cPanel even if I am not
>using cPanel to do the install.
>Am I correct that I can install Interchange using ssh and not have a
>problem with it interacting with cPanel?

Correct. I have installed a secondary perl 5.6.2 & interchange 5.0 onto my
cpanel boxes with almost no problems. Cpanel has none of it's grubby fingers
touching these installs, so everyone gets along just fine. The single
problem I have had is with uploading images via the UI if interchange is not
running as the user account that is trying to write the images. I assume
i've not got the makecat /interchange configure permissions completely
correct, but have not had time to go back and fix it up.

Another note, cpanel tends to grab any requests for
http://yourdomainname.com/interchange and forward them to its own
frankenstien interchange (even if its disabled, arrrg!). Renaming any
interchange directory you might happen to have in your public_html to ic,
and configuring to suit will avoid this annoyance.

Daniel Degotardi
Internet Programming, Content Management & eCommerce Development

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