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Tue Feb 24 13:19:28 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 13:06, Carl Reynolds wrote:
> I know this has been addressed in detail on the Interchange web site. I 
> still have a question about using Interchange with cPanel.
> I want to install Interchange on a web site that uses cPanel. However, I 
> plan to use ssh to do the install. I will not be using cPanel even 
> though it is installed on the site. From what I have read on the 
> Interchange site, this should be OK. But I wasn't sure if there would be 
> some system interaction between Interchange and cPanel even if I am not 
> using cPanel to do the install.
> Am I correct that I can install Interchange using ssh and not have a 
> problem with it interacting with cPanel?
> Thanks for your assistance,
> Carl.

This should go smoothly, especially if you intent to install interchange
as a user process in the hosting account user's home directory, fully
owned by that user. One thing to note: if CPanel's interchange is
running, name your catalog root directory something other than
'catalogs' (i.e.: 'ecommerce') to eliminate any possibility that the
CPanel instance of interchange might touch it....

- Ed

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