[ic] Interchange on Mac OS X Panther Locale problem

Donald interch at ready2run.com
Tue Feb 24 17:16:41 EST 2004

On Tuesday, February 24, 2004 8:53 PM, hjcorney at blueyonder.co.uk wrote:

> But I am having a problem setting the locale for the UK I have set the
> locale to be en_GB in the catalog.cfg file and in the Admin interface
> under internationalisation.
> I have added a en_GB column to locale.txt in products directory
> I have attempted to set the default tax to VAT and 17.5 % in the tax
> admin area
> I have also tried to crib as much as I can from www.webmaint.net's
> excellent UK localisation documentation (thanks) and from the
> interchange documentation wiki.
> The result is that Tax does not work and I have lost the default
> dollar sign but the UK pound sign has not appeared.

In Locale.txt you need a row with currency_symbol in the first field
(probably already there).  You then need to make sure there is a £ sign in
the en_GB column.

Set TAXFIELD=multi, and put "default=17.5%, food=0" in the tax column of the
country table, and also  "default=17.5%, food=0, mv_shipping=17.5%" in the
tax column in the country table.

See also


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