[ic] Interchange on Mac OS X Panther Locale problem.. nearly solved

Mark Bryant mark at vwe.net
Wed Feb 25 18:10:09 EST 2004

At 22:14 25/02/2004, you wrote:

>On 24 Feb 2004, at 22:12, Mark Bryant wrote:
>>At 20:53 24/02/2004, you wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>I am running Interchange 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.3.2 Panther With standard 
>>>Apache, MySQL and recompiled unthreaded perl 5.8.3. Its not a production 
>>>site just a test rig in fact its running on a G3 Lombard Powerbook  and 
>>>it works fine.
>>>But I am having a problem setting the locale for the UK I have set the 
>>>locale to be en_GB in the catalog.cfg file and in the Admin interface 
>>>under internationalisation.
>>>I have added a en_GB column to locale.txt in products directory
>>>I have attempted to set the default tax to VAT and 17.5 % in the tax 
>>>admin area
>>>I have also tried to crib as much as I can from www.webmaint.net's 
>>>excellent UK localisation documentation (thanks) and from the 
>>>interchange documentation wiki.
>>>The result is that Tax does not work and I have lost the default dollar 
>>>sign but the UK pound sign has not appeared.
>>>I don't think the problem is down to Mac OS X it is more likely to be I 
>>>have missed some steps in the localisation.
>>>Can anyone give me some pointers please.
>>Hi Hilary,
>>To get UK tax showing through in pages such as the fly page and 
>>components like random, best sellers, etc  after setting the tax in the 
>>admin UI, I still had to put this usertag in my catalog.cfg and edit a 
>>few pages to make them call/use it:
>># per item tax calculations
>>UserTag addtax Order amount cat notax
>>UserTag addtax addAttr
>>UserTag addtax Routine   <<EOR
>>sub {
>>         my ($amount, $cat, $notax, $ref) = @_;
>>         return currency( $amount, $ref->{noformat} ) if $notax;
>>         my $cfield = $::Variable->{MV_COUNTRY_FIELD} || 'country';
>>         my $country = $ref->{country} || $::Values->{$cfield};
>>         return 0 if ! $country;
>>         my $ctable   = $ref->{country_table}
>>                                 || $::Variable->{MV_COUNTRY_TABLE}
>>                                 || 'country';
>>         my $c_taxfield   = $ref->{country_tax_field}
>>                                 || $::Variable->{MV_COUNTRY_TAX_FIELD}
>>                                 || 'tax';
>>         my $type ||= $Tag->data($ctable, $c_taxfield, $country);
>>         return currency( $amount, $ref->{noformat} ) if ! $type;
>>         $type =~ s/^\s+//;
>>         $type =~ s/\s+$//;
>>         my $tax = Vend::Util::get_option_hash($type);
>>         my $taxrate = defined $tax->{$cat} ? $tax->{$cat} : $tax->{default};
>>         $taxrate =~ s/\s*%\s*$// and $taxrate /= 100;
>>         $amount += $amount * $taxrate;
>>         return currency( $amount, $ref->{noformat} );
>>I then edited the pages that were not showing the tax inclusive prices to 
>>use this line instead of the default one
>>Our Price: <b>[item-price]</b>
>>Our Price: <b>[addtax [item-price noformat=1][item-field 
>>tax_category][item-field nontaxable]]</b>
>>The GBP pound sign should then appear along with the tax inclusive price.
>>I hope this helps solve your problem :)
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>Hi Mark, All,
>Thanks for the pointers everyone. I have made some progress.
>I looked at Marks suggestion but could not see why I would have to enter 
>that much code when previous versions of Interchange worked OK So....
>By carefully re-reading the instructions at www.webmaint.net I realised 
>that I had been going to the admin > preferences . Tax part of the menu 
>when I should have been going to admin > COMMERCE > tax
>Duh. When I did that and set the tax rate and shipping as directed Tax 
>worked but I still could not get a GBP Pound sign.
>I then looked at the ISO listing of country names and found that the UK 
>and Great Britain are treated as two separate places. With ISO information 
>letter code GBR iso number 826 but blanks for the similar rows in the UK 
>entry. I copied the GBR code and 826 number into the respective places in 
>the UK entry and presto it worked.
>However.... The pound sign has now replaced the dollar *after* the price. 
>But in the UK the currency symbol should appear *before* the price.
>I tried altering the price_picture entry for en_GB in locale.txt but this 
>has not worked.
>So I am again asking for help. Are there any other ways I should try and 
>set the pound sign correctly?
>best wishes,


In your locale.txt, make sure that p_cs_precedes is set to 1 for the en_GB 
column and apply changes. That should sort the location of the pound sign 
for you :)


Eros Shop
vwe internet ltd
PO BOX 1067

Shop - http://www.eros-shop.co.uk
EMail - info at eros-shop.co.uk
Tel - 0870 737 3369
Fax - 0870 737 4469

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