[ic] Implementation of a new search type

Dr. Michael Streubel Michael.Streubel at palmwaregroup.com
Fri Feb 27 07:44:34 EST 2004

Hi Interchangers,

in my store, I want some of the categories in the category menu
to retrieve its data not from the database but from a remote server
via a web service. So I implemented a new search type which
is working fine as far as the data search is concerned. All data
structures are well defined and well set as far as I can see.

Now consider the following test loop:

[loop  search="
st=.... new search_type ....
[loop-field title]

As mentioned, the search works successfully. However, when
it comes to iteration, the system still tries to use
the database instead of retrieving information 
(in order to determine values of [loop-code],[loop-field title])
from the in-memory data.

How can I teach IC to not touch the database in this case ?
(BTW, I still need and use a searchfile (fi) to get attribute names
for my data structures. But I don't think that's the cause
of the problem).

Thanks a lot in advance


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